Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Asian Individual Chess Championship (Open) Round 7: So losses to Ni Hua

Top seed Chinese grandmaster Ni Hua, somehow, someway, finds a way to stop our local chess hero, Wesley So from further onslaught in the ongoing 9th Asian Individual Chess Championship in Subic and above all, redeemed himself. It was a sweet revenge for Ni Hua, the first 2700+ player Wesley ever defeated. Wesley So even admitted in an interview by chessdom that his win against Ni Hua in 2008 Dresden Olympiad was the most memorable win of his young career. With the loss to Hua, his first in the tournament after producing 4 wins with 2 draws, So drops from being sole leader after 6 round to 6th place over all in the standings. Three Chinese players occupied the top three spot in the leader board with ex world junior champ Abhijeet Gupta of India occupying the fourth spot.

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Anonymous said...

I guess Wesley's endgame technique is again the culprit...the double rook endgame was viable. Maybe Re5, instead Ra5 is equal. Exchanging 1 pair of rooks and transpose to a drawn endgame is the easiest. I suppose Wesley should be trained with high level endgame technique. He keeps on losing important points in technical positions...