Friday, August 14, 2009

The Awakening

The Philippine basketball team, even when playing at their best may never, at least for some years to come, be in par with the rest of our Asian basketball counterpart. No hurling of criticism this time. It's just a fact. There's always next time, as they said. As we've stated before, Filipinos love basketball but basketball does not loves us in return. We lost to the Jordanian team, fair and square 81-70 hours ago in the quarterfinal of FIBA Asia Championship. It's over. No basketball in the Olympic games for us. So sad. We are a basketball nation. So sad.

Now let's get back to chess.


Anonymous said...

wla ng mangyayari sa basketball sa tin. Dpat siguro mas marami ang native born na Pinoy sa line up para may patriotism kahit konti. Hindi naman sa nag di-discriminate pero baka kung ibabalik yung dating format e may magandang mangyari.

Richard said...

Your suggestion to exclude non-native born Filipinos is discriminatory. There is no second-class citizen under our constitution.

The culprit in the failure of the Philippines in international basketabll is the PBA. PBA players do not grow and develop since they play only against each other. Such talents wasted.

Andrade said...

Samahang Baskeball ng Pilipinas should impose its authority over PBA, in some way. Although we thank PBA for lending their players for international competition they must always be reminded that they have responsibility for our country, being the premier basketball league in our country. They should not lend their players and formed a "team" in a moments notice. Why not study the pattern of Korean and Chinese pro league? They are professionals but they are able to give half of their time to practice for their national team?

Andrade said...

may I also add. SBP should not form a national team of their own (Toroman's Gilas) to lessen our dependence with PBA. They must coordinate with PBA because there is no way SBP will ever form a team that can match the talent of what PBA has. Lately SBP was luring Aguilar to join Toroman's team but to no avail. There's no money and glory joining the SBP anyway.