Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Ten Holiday Wish List

I could list down over a hundred wishes but I will only mention ten which can quite easily done.

1. To members of the opposition, media personnel, militant groups and political activist: if you don’t have any good to say about our country and fellow men or inspire people to be a law abiding citizens, please keep quite.

2. To all dog owners and breeders: if you will keep dogs only to let them suffer in lease or lock them up in cage or use them for breeding just for profit, please leave the dogs alone.

3. To whom it may concern: please visit Aranque market at Quiapo one time and see for yourself the appalling conditions of animals being abused for profit.

4. To MTRCB board of directors. Please keep a tight watch on everything that is being shown at MTV, channel V, Mix channel, especially foreign shows if you care about the future of the young people.

5. To ALL pop, rock, metal, hip hop, boy band, celebrity, movie, sport superstars here and overseas : Please use your popularity to encourage other people especially the young ones the value of humility and please don’t fight and curse one another on and off the camera. Please stop brainwashing them that sex and orgies are the most important thing to be happy.

6. To our politicians: corruption cannot be eradicate but please give something (in return) a small portion of your wealth to the poor.

7. To religious leaders: Please stop teaching your members to praise the Lord too much but teach them how to make the Lord praise them.

8. To all elite world champion caliber chess grandmasters, retire from chess before 50. you are blessed with some of the most brilliant mind in the planet and we just all wish the world will benefit from your wit, tactics and strategy. Not just for chess. There is more to give to humanity than chess.

9. To our president: may God blessed you and help you in your desire to make our country a first world nation and eliminate poverty within sixteen years.

10. And finally, to ourselves. Let us not blame too much other people for the bad things that is happening to us (though there are one or two exceptions). And most of all, never ever loose your sense of humor :D


Anonymous said...

Hello! Just wanted to say your wish list is very touching and modest. Only 1 thing is confusing on that list.. Religious leaders should tell people to be praised by the lord? Does God not do that when he gives us the power of vision, hearing, tasting, feeling, loving, etc? He gives and asks for only a little in return. So leadersshould tell people to praise the lord because the lord praises us all the time, even if we don't know what's happening.

P.S. People seem only to look "up." If every once in a while they look down just a little, they would never stop praising God :)

Catolos said...

hi, thanks for dropping by. your comments is more than welcome. wish you a blessed holiday season.