Friday, December 19, 2008

Anand launches chess academy: But is it really that worthy?

"Chess helps academic performance, computers help academic performance and also chess. We need to use technology for chess and life...Use technology for improving academic performance and chess. Bihar will produce a lot of mind champions. Start playing for fun. Learn the rules. Find a friend and play. It will also produce a lot of chess champions. I hope to see it," Anand said from the Time of India interview.

Personally, what I want to see from world chess champions is the gradual promotion of other intellectual means or academies other than chess. Chess champions can change the world like artists and writers! I mean if we really intend to improve life in general, then why not just by going right straight on it? World chess champions are possesses with some of the most brilliant mind in the world and this exceptional qualities of chess champions are, one way or the other, could put to use and help improve the qualities of life in the world. Whatever it is, I think we can have them to think and analyze in anyway they choose. I remember a scene from Spiderman: "Great power comes great responsibility". And Anand has a great power! For instance, I think that Kasparov political involvement is but for selfish and personal ambition (as the majority of politicians are) but at least some part of him believes that he has a great responsibility for Russia and believes that his brilliant mind could actually help his country on what he thought is "heading to disaster".

Yes, it may start from chess academies but going right straight seems more logical if we really intend to improve life other than waiting to produce another brilliant chess players to emerge out of the academy. Even if the said academy works, it has some drawbacks. Remember that not all world chess champions thinks about humanity or ones country very much. Now we're talking about Bobby Fischer or Mikhail Tal but that's another story.

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