Monday, August 16, 2010

Two Filipino in the 11th UK Open International Memory Championship

Two Pinoy with super memory will compete in the 11th Open International Memory Championship in London, England on August 26. Dubbed as the "Philippine Mental Team", they are composed of Roberto Racasa, a "Kristo" in cockfighting and Johan Randall Abrina, a nurse. ABS CBN has a video report, though it is in Tagalog, it's not very hard to see on which category this two gifted Filipino will be competing.

I'm not sure what role Marlon Bernardino will be playing in the "Mental Team" but he's also in the video wearing the same yellow Accel Pilipinas team uniform.

I google it and fortunately, there's an official website for this event on .

The UK Open International Championships will now be staged in London on Thursday and Friday August 26/27 – the same we we had all planned to be in China. This will be a two day event to International Standards and arbited by Phil Chambers.

Already current reigning World Champion Ben Pridmore has registered, along with past World Champion Andi Bell. Boris Konrad, the President of MemoryXL will also be there along with competitors from the Philippines, Turkey, Netherlands, USA, Wales, Sweden and Norway. The competitor registration fee will be 40 pounds to cover the cost of translations and printing of papers.

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