Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DNA test: Bobby Fischer is Not Jinky Young Dad

First, the brought the news and the Iceland Review Online confirmed that the nine year old Filipina girl, Jinky Young, is not the daughter of the late Bobby Fischer after DNA testing was conducted in Reykjavik, Iceland on Tuesday. With this development, Jinky Young is out among the claimants of Fischer's estate amounting to roughly $2 million.

"I can confirm that the result of the DNA report excluded Bobby Fisher from being the father of Jinky Young, and therefore the case has come to a close," said lawyer Thordur Bogason, who represents Jinky.

With Jinky out of the picture, it boils down to other "legitimate" heir to Fischer's estate, Japanese woman Myoko Watai, who claims to be Fischer's wife and a couple of his low profile nephews.


Anonymous said...

It's doomed from the start.

Richard said...

I always doubted Jinky's claim. Her appearance does not show any mestiza features. I blame Jinky's mother for this. Not only does this traumatize Jinky, it also proves Jinky;s mother was sleeping with another man while claiming to be Fisher's significant other. Tragic and embarassing.

Anonymous said...

yes, what a shame! Dapat ipakulong itong si marilyn for disturbing bobby's grave! sinisira niya ang mga Filipino! Gold digger!

Chezka said...

It would be interesting what GM Eugene Torre has to say about this.

Anonymous said...

Yan na nga ba sinasabi ko! Pag kasama si ATTY. SAMMY ESTIMO delikado. Pati si GM IDOL EUGENE TORRE eh nadamay rin!
Ano ba talaga ang nangyayari sa atin mga Pilipino? Puro na lang ba dikit ng dikit sa intriga at tapos pag NAPASO eh nawawala bigla sa eksena!
Tingnan mo ang mga balita tungkol kay Jinky at Marilyn Young sa dyaryo, wala na ang dalawa nating magigiting na tagatulak sa mag ina!
Kasi puro "....kiman" ang alam. Kaya tuloy nakuryente!
Kawawa na naman ang Pilipinas sa buong mundo.
Ano ba ito KARMA?...