Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 US Open Tournament: IM Julio Catalino Sadorra tied 2nd to 5th.

US based Filipino International Master Julio Catalino Sadorra finishes tied for second to fifth place with three other players in the recently held 111th US Open Chess Tournament, 3-8 of August. Sadorra represents the state of Texas where he is currently based. GM Mark Paragua finishes tied for 6-23rd together with another long time US based International Master, Enrico Sevillano and Juaquin Banawa. This year's edition of the US Open saw the participation of over 400 players, with just 8 grandmasters.

US Open has always been severely criticized in the past due to lack of fundings and poor management, reasons why many top grandmasters shy away from participating in one of the oldest chess tournament in the world. Days after the start of round 1 of the 2010 US Open, Dylan Loeb McClain of New York Times Chess Blog criticized the lack of determination on the part of USCF to attract more top international and local players to compete in the tournament.

Which country has the bigger, stronger national open championship: the United States or the Czech Republic? The Czech Republic, and it is not even close.

The Czech Open, which ended Sunday, had 310 players and 39 grandmasters. The U.S. Open, which began Saturday, has three grandmasters and 160 players.

The reason that the Czech Open was bigger was that most of the players were from other countries. For example, the winner, Anton Korobov, who was the top seed, is from Ukraine. And the players who tied for second through sixth were from Ukraine, Russia (2), Sweden and India. The U.S. Open simply does not attract many foreign players.

2010 US Open final standings

US Open Official Website

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Tony said...

IM Sadorra is in good form, he also battled it out in the Angping Rapid Chess, playing all out for a win in every game (that was 9 rounds tourney as I recalled!), and no friendly draws!

Hope he earned GM norm here with his high 4th place finish. And may he compete in more intl tournaments!

Hope his US skeds will permit him to play in the Pichay and Campo Cups later this month?