Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bobby Fischer's Bench

An abandoned, lonely bench filled with memories is visual poetry. Einar S. Einarsson, one of the late Bobby Fischer's close confidantes, reveals that Fischer used to spent some quality time during weekends in Einar's house, a "remote and wild area" not far from Reyjavik Iceland where Fischer stays. And in one of this occasion, Fischer used to take some time out after long walks in a particular bench to take some breather. Einarsson very well remember this, ultimately carried away by sentimentality for his departed, famous friend, decided to erect a small monument and plaque to commemorate Fischer, and the bench he used to sat on. Excerpt, photos and captions from New York Times Chess Blog, Gambit:

One day, they went out for a walk. They had not been going for very long when Fischer, who Einarsson said had limited stamina, asked, “Where are all the benches, Einar?”

Einarsson said he gestured toward a large rock covered in moss and suggested that Fischer rest there.

Afterward, they walked down a hill and went swimming. Einarsson said that Fischer later told him that he had a wonderful time, partly because he had been able to escape the crowds.

Rock where Fischer rested on an August day in 2005.

Bench and monument erected by Einarsson.

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