Thursday, July 22, 2010

Biel round 3: Wesley So in sole lead. Dortmund round 6: Le Quang in solo second

So impressed am I with Vietnamese 19 year old GM Le Quang Liem performance in Dortmund so far that GM Wesley So's taking over the sole lead after three rounds in Biel Young Grandmasters Tournament seems to be of little importance compare to what the magic Le Quang is weaving in Germany at the present. Nobody is expecting Le Quang to show up like this. Le Quang has already defeated ex world champ Ruslan Ponomariov and ex title contender Peter Leko. Another ex world champ, and a man who needs no further introduction, Vladimir Kramnik tried not once, but twice against Le Quang but failed and just level their one on one match to 1/1. All this and the two draws against one of the greatest player of this generation that is Kramnik says it all. He is holding his class against some of the very best elite in the world. With So holding the lead in Biel is no surprise at all but Le Quang, oh that kid. He's really destined for something great. I'm feeling it. Now we crave for more of So and Le Quang for the rest of the tournaments.

Wesley So by the way swept all his 21 board game exhibition match in downtown Biel, with special mention on the website, being the current under 18 top player and the youngest in the top 60 in the world.

Real time live games of Biel 2010 can be view on via chessbomb live game platform.

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