Friday, July 9, 2010

1 vs 600 world record simultaneous chess is on!

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Your truly is actually one of the detractor of the so called world record breaking attempt for simultaneous chess games that will be represented by a Filipino chess grandmaster. I thought it's just for the sake of showing off and putting on a show we Pinoy are very fond. Though I still have some doubts that GM Jayson Gonzales will be physically conditioned to accomplish such herculean task, but I say once this event finally put into action, this chess blogger will be Jayson Gonzales avid supporter in his endeavor. You are my boss, as President Noynoy will put it.

Don't get too excited though folks. I noticed that the organizers is after the "number" of participants to make it to the record book rather than the percentage of win needed to put a Filipino grandmaster in chess history.

I'm quite amazed though by the number of sponsors. I'm now convinced that this surely is not just a show off event I previously believe. This is serious stuff, at least in marketing point of view, and I must be part of it. Now what I need is an ID.

Magma man/Robocop mixed in the poster looks cute though.

Everyone is invited to participate. Just contact this people for reservations. Noli Cruz of Touch of Gold Enterprises at 0929-835-7770 or email address: and Roberto “Robbie” Pangilinan, Diliman Preparatory School media head at 0290-953-4559 or for complete details.

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