Sunday, May 30, 2010

High-level Conspiracy, why did they do it?

In a recent article from Dutch Treat, Hans Ree amplify the past news regarding the people who "voluntarily" offer their help to assist Anand in his preparation against Topalov. We're not talking about the composition of his team and seconds but those of former and current rival in chess who allies themselves to Team Anand for one common goal. Make sure that Topalov will never be a world champion. Kasparov, Kramnik and Carlsen. Two former world champion and a possible future world champ. Each has his own contribution (and bad intention?) and had Anand lose the match to Topalov, it would be a great shame really. Most interesting is the communication between Kasparov and Anand through Skype and yes, Vishy reveals in a interview by Chessbase that he and Garry were exchanging emoticons too!

So why did they do it? Isn't the chess world being too hard against Topalov and Danailov? Hans Ree has these takes:

One can well imagine Kramnik being so angry at Topalov and his manager Danailov that he gladly offered his services to Anand. But Kasparov and Carlsen, why did they get involved? One can only speculate that they feared a reign of terror of the Topalov-Danailov tandem with more toiletgates or other tricks if Topalov became world champion.

With such an over-kill of high-class manpower in the fight against Topalov, one would almost pity him.

Topalov could very well understand Kramnik's assistance but it's a real blow seeing Kasparov and Carlsen siding with Anand who expects nothing in return. And yes, that really hurts!

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