Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chess and Pornography anyone?

You may never heard or aware about it but there's actually a chess video game that associate with, well, sex! The Closet Grandmaster blog first brought this info to our attention as he recently shared this post link regarding the release of the latest version of Lovechess from Artmunk Games.

I'm not recommending the games and the site for viewing with the minors of course as the site contains highly (and brutally) sexually explicit graphics. I'm not going to post link the site here either but if you are craving for more and already aroused, you can peep through the keyhole door at Mr Rosarios chess blog and follow the link he provided.

I was thinking that if there's going to be a an exhibition rapid games between a mature 2500+ GM (using Lovechess) and a mere 2000+ child prodigy (using traditional chess board), I will bet for the kid to beat the GM.


The game takes place in a post-war environment where the remaining humans try to survive in clans, these clans are gender based and the only way to have sex is to have a good fighting first! Modern weaponry is absent, so the clans took up the “martial arts” to defend themselves.

Besides the visual side of things we also implemented a new "sex" system, this time you can guide your "pieces" while they have sex and let them reach an orgasm if you play correctly. A good fight should have a proper reward after all!

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