Monday, February 1, 2010

Corus Chess 2010: Anish Giri wins B Group, So settles tie for 4th-5th, heading for Moscow

GM Wesley So settled for a draw in the 13th and final round of Corus Chess 2010 B Group against WGM Anna Muzychuk to finished the tournament tied for 4th-5th place with Dutch GM l'Ami with over all score of 7 1/2 points out of possible thirteen. Wesley So posted a total of three wins, nine draws and a loss. 15 year old GM Anish Giri who provides So's lone defeat in the tournament run away with the title by garnering a total of 9/13 points to win his first ever major tournament, a category 16 group. By virtue of his victory in the B Group, GM Anish Giri gets an outright promotion to A Group next year. The Corus Chess in an "invite" only tournament so the chances of Wesley So, because of the huge followers that he has, might get invited in the A Group next year, providing that he further improve his over all performance this year, of course.

After Corus, GM Wesley So is expected to participate in the 2010 Aeroflot Open in Moscow set February 9 and according to source, GM Rogelio Antonio and Gm Darwin Laylo are also set to join So in Moscow. One may still remember that So was the top junior performer there at A1 group.

The A group, as everyone know by now, was secured by no other than the oh, so young but oh, so much have accomplished, Norwegian phenom, Magnus Carlsen, half a point ahead of seasoned veterans, Vladimir Kramnik and Alexei Shirov. Not many 19 year old kid, perhaps in the history of chess have achieve what Carlsen have accomplished.

The C group, considered to be the minor league of the event, once again, fell to the hands of an Asian. Li Chao, the 2008 Prospero Pichay Cup champ dominates the group. He garnered a total of 10/13 with eight wins, four draws, with just one defeat.

Regular Wesley So live commentator for Chessdom, GM Bong Villamayor wasn't able to make it on time to do the live commentary of So-Muzychuk game for some valid reasons. Nevertheless, the Corus B is truly a wonderful experience for many Wesley So followers everywhere especially with Filipino chess fans as for the first time, they had the experience and rare opportunities to interact, discussed and exchange of ideas in real time with a chess grandmaster and masters in incognitos at live chatter box provided by Chessbomb.

We'll see you all in Moscow!

Replay the game So-Muzychuk with IM with Miodrag Perunovic commentaries.

For complete details, results, final standings, photos and videos, please visit Corus Chess 2010 official website.

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