Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aeroflot 2010 round 5: Twin Celebration

Better start preparing your fire crackers and roses tonight (and those freebies that comes with it) you loyal Wesley So fans as we celebrate the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day on this very same day. Not only you have to celebrate Wesley's round 5 victory in Aeroflot against Armenian grandmaster, Hrant Melkumyam, his first back to back wins in the tournament and putting him just half a point behind the leaders, the news that appeared on various chess sites and blogs that So is also set to participate in this years edition of Rising Star vs. Experience sometime in August is also another one reason to celebrate. That makes two celebration!

We saw two Vietnamese co-leaders paired in round 5 but are just too friendly with each other to lock their horns. It's very obvious that these two will not ruin their momentum by giving each other a defeat and a bitter taste in their mouth for many days to come. A quick and uneventful 14 move draw is quite expected. And for Wesley So not to sense this and not to take advantage of this puts So directly in the list of prodigy who is in desperate need for a coach. Fortunately for So, he's smart enough not to pass this opportunity to get back into contention and scores a very convincing victory against the confused Melkumyan.
So is now tied from 5th to 11th place with 4 more rounds to play. So will ba facing another Armenian in round 6. GM Arman Pashikian (2647). Though still a junior, So has the experience to surprise everyone. As mentioned, Aeroflot was notable for the balance of participants competing here. This is one of the super tournament that anybody has a good chance of winning. Aeroflot is highly unpredictable which makes this event a truly special. Forget the six man Linares at this moment. We have Aeroflot at hand.

From your's truly, a prosperous Chinese New Year and happy, intelligent Valentines Day to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

GM Laylo lost again, maybe Gm Laylo is helping Wesley So for his preperations.