Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5th Backdoor Venture Art and Music Festival

One of the most important Art and Musical event in the Metro just happened last February 5-7 at SM Megamall, 5th floor, Mega B. The 5th Backdoor Venture Art and Music Festivals. Workshops, demo, costume play and of course lots of musical and dance presentation.

I somehow managed to take some pictures as a breather. Kind of missing the life outside chess lately. Ah yes, I say there is more to life than chess blogging :)

Don't fly away. Stay with me.

"Let's fly north then." "No, let's go south"




Probably, the last thing you want to find yourself is sitting just a few feet away in front of a fat, old woman, grinding to the sound of traditional tune. But hey, I say, I got the best seat in the house!

Nobody, nobody but you...

It takes two to tango? Not necessarily.

Magic light ball

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