Thursday, June 17, 2010

Iceland Supreme Court orders exhumation of Fischer’s remains

It seems everything is all set for Bobby Fisher's body to dig out of the grave. Bobby Fisher's remain will finally exhumed as the Iceland Supreme Court approved the request of Jinky Youngs lawyer, Samuel Estimo. Fisher's body will undergo a DNA test and consequently matching them with his assumed daughter of seven he bore with Jinky. The move to exhumed Fisher's remain was earlier denied by a local court as it was heavily opposed by Fisher's Japanese "legal" wife and his nephews who are also after Fishers possessions amounting to more or less $3 million.

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THE Supreme Court of Iceland ruled yesterday in favor of exhuming the remains of thelate Bobby Fischer to carry out a biological DNA test whereby the genetic samples from Bobby, his daughter, Jinky Young, and Jinky’s mother, Marilyn, would be matched. Jinky’s lawyer, Samuel Estimo, announced that the said decision reversed an earlier ruling of the Reykjavik District Court denying Jinky’s request for the disinterment which was opposed by Miyoko Watai ,who alleges to be the wife of Fischer, and the 2 nephewsof the chess legend. The dispute over the estate left by Fischer consisting of P140 million, gold deposits and real estate properties in Iceland will finally be settled after the results of the DNA tests will be known. The Iceland Supreme Court will issue shortly the time and procedure of the conduct of the exhumation.

Fischer died of renal failure in Iceland on January 17, 2008. The night before, he was calling Marilyn but the latter failed to receive his call, only to find out the following day that he had already died, and was hastily buried. In December last year, Marilyn, Jinky, lawyer Estimo and GM Eugene Torre went to Iceland and visited the tomb of Bobby.They hired an Icelandic lawyer, Thordur Bogason, and went to the same hospital where Bobby died and where blood samples of Marilyn and Jinky were taken for DNA testing. But there were no DNA specimens preserved atthe hospital, thus the move of Estimo and Bogason for exhumation was filed. Earlier, the Supreme Court of Iceland had ruled that the alleged marriage of Miyoko Watai to Fischer was null and void, thus leaving the battle over the estate to Jinky and the Tang brothers

Marilyn, Jinky, Estimo and Torre, a witness in this probate case, will go to Iceland and look after the exhumation and DNA proceedings. Marlon Bernardino

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