Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bobby Fischer, a selfish, self centered father? (Ask any insurance man and they may explain this.)

We all know that the late great Bobby Fisher rarely (or never at all) mentioned about having a child during his lifetime, not even acknowledging that he's having an affair with a young woman during the days of his stay here in the Philippines. It's either he really didn't bore a daughter to Marilyn at all or he just simply deny it for unknown reasons. Now with all the drama coming out after Fisher's death and Marilyn and Jinky has become a subject of of all kinds of unjust accusations etc, it became very clear that Fischer has somewhat exempted from finger pointing and getting away from all the trouble he left behind. Fischer left no will whatsoever. Doesn't it reveals a man who is undeniably running away from his responsibility as a father? One thing is for sure though, if Jinky is indeed, Fischer's daughter, his own flesh and blood, he's making her life a bit more difficult.

Yes. Ask every frustrated insurance man who approached Fischer and they will tell you what creates this trouble.

Happy Fathers' Day!

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