Thursday, November 19, 2009

Justice for Jinky

Eight days ago, Chessbase just released a report regarding the battle of Bobby Fisher's two former lover/companion, Japanese Witoko Watai, the lawfully wedded wife to Fischer, and his Filipina live-in partner, Marilyn Young, whom he bore a daughter named Jinky. This is in regards of to whom the estate Fischer left in Iceland after he passed away in January of 2007 should be rightfully awarded. In a letter by Marilyn sent to chessbase, she was quoted of Torre saying: "Bobby will turn in his grave if the inheritance of his daughter Jinky will not be awarded by the Icelandic court," GM Eugene Torre said. "I had seen with my two eyes how Bobby lovingly took care of her daughter Jinky during her infant days in Baguio,". Then they also released some compelling photographs of Fischer with both Marilyn and Jinky and a couple of Fischer's note as well to back the claim.

But we have everything here back home together with all necessary evidence. Frank Pestaño wrote the following in his chessblog, chessmoso about this issue.

I have been following this drama since the very start thru an Icelandic contact, Alfred Gudmundsson, who is married to a Cebuana, Mae, and Samuel Estimo, Jinky’s lawyer.

Unfortunately, Alfred, who was a very good man, passed away.

I immediately sent an e-mail to NM Samuel Estimo, and he informed me that Jinky’s claim is still valid.

Jinky, her mom Marilyn Torre and Sammy will be joining a shoot for a documentary by BBC HBO on the life of Bobby on either Dec. 6 or 7 in London, and then will proceed to Iceland.

Bobby, in an interview, claims that he was never married to Watai (Bobby was in jail in Japan then and the marriage would have set him free). Also Eugene Torre claims that Bobby never wished to marry Watai but only wanted her as a companion.

In Iceland, Jinky is sure to be DNA-tested and Marilyn has agreed as she is sure of Bobby’s paternity. I have a picture of Marilyn and Jinky, together with Bobby.

Jinky is closed in finally getting her justice.

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