Saturday, November 14, 2009

Filipino kids are some of the luckiest in Asia

Speaking of Filipino youth...

We, the grown up people may still nursing the embarrassment we suffered by failing to send any delegation to the World Youth Chess Championship. But our kids, who are supposed to be in Turkey right now and representing the country at WYCC may not be as devastated as we might think. Here's some interesting result. A recent survey released by Cartoon Network revealed that Filipino youth are one of the luckiest kids in Asia. Lucky for what? Here's an excerpt from Yahoo! Philippines' Rich, middle-class Pinoy kids are 'recession-proof' - survey. Read on...

"Filipino kids are the luckiest in terms of the proportion that receive pocket money...there are no signs of the economic downturn affecting Filipino kids in terms of what's in their pocket.

...Filipino children are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and "recession-proof"...Turner Asia's Research team estimates that 3.7 million Filipino children in the areas surveyed have a grand total income of P12,000 a year each (from pocket and gift money), amounting to a collective amount of P42 billion.


The survey found that Filipino children living in urban areas have more access to technology - especially at home - than in previous years.

Notably, internet usage has grown significantly since 2007, according to Morris.

The survey showed that 6 out of 10 (63%) of children in areas surveyed have used the internet in the past month, with 32% of children having internet access at home. This is a 37% growth in internet usage since 2007.

Further, 47% of children surveyed said they own computers, compared to 42% in previous years. Of the children that use the internet, 76% visit cyberspace at least weekly, while 26% go online daily.

The survey also showed 84% of children have access to mobile phones at home, whether or not they own the unit.

Now that leaves us grown up people to figure out for ourselves how it is to be lucky and happy!

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