Saturday, October 30, 2010

A win that matters

It will end in a victory one way or the other. Fortunately, it ends in a victory and Wesley is good to go again. It was like having your first taste of glass of water after spending some time in the desert . After 10 consecutive draws he has fought in SPICE Cup, So finally got his first win in the history of the tournament courtesy of hard headed defending champion, GM Eugene Perelshteyn. Wesley's campaign really starts with that victory. He's a consistent player once off to a good start. I know Wesley is feeling that one victory, his confidence is back (so is the fans), and Wesley So is in very good position to redeem Philippine chess.

Wesley So will be facing another American prodigy in the third round, GM Ray Robson, US youngest grandmaster. The two youngsters will face each other over the board for the first time and definitely, the highlight match of the SPICE Cup. Young players tend to be more intimadated by fellow young player compare when facing an older and higher rated player so this match should be more interesting than others. The two will battle twice this tournament and we hope they will not all end in draws.

Hope a good performance by Wesley here in SPICE Cup will inspire this blogger again to update this blog in a regular basis :)

Susan Polgar chess blog is regularly updating the tournament while offers live games of the tournament with cool computer analysis.

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