Thursday, September 16, 2010

NCFP next move against Antonio maybe too personal

Although we find no wrong on the side of NCFP (National Chess Federation of the Philippines) to implement disciplinary actions to players if they decide to follow against the rules of the federation, no matter what their status are, but the plan of NCFP to drop Antonio from the patronage of PSC or Philippine Sports Commission and consequently, deprive him of monthly allowance of P20,000 and other benefits is eyebrow raiser. A long term ban maybe quite understandable but dropping him from the wings of PSC altogether, it maybe tells a different story.

Perhaps this was NCFP own aggressive response to the threat posed by Antonio to file cases against Pichay and other top officials of the NCFP and the issue is becoming very personal and unprofessional to both party, to say the least. If Antonio is still hard bent to sue Pichay and take him to court caused by his own fault, then he might one day find himself jobless, a thing we wish would not end that way. Antonio was quoted as saying:

“Joey came home to defend himself when he learned that he was banned. He could have opted to stay in the US but he came home. But the NCFP has already closed the door on him,” said Estimo.

The former team captain of the RP team to the Chess Olympiad said Antonio was denied due process, as needed to be followed, when the NCFP leveled the ban without hearing his side.

“I think there’s politics behind this. I feel like I am being singled out. I passed through the proper channels for my US trip. It was Mr. Pichay himself who signed the recommendation to the PSC. Now, why am I being banned for missing the tournaments here,” said Antonio.

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